To Tube Or Not To Tube – Should I Use Tube-Free or Core-less Toilet Paper?


Small Change in Lifestyle

For most of my adult life, I’ve been wanting to help save the Earth as much as possible. Sadly, our current modern lifestyles don’t usually help us do so. One thing I have been doing for years from living in Manila to traveling around the world is buying core-less tissue paper. In most of Asia, they’re relatively easy to find in the supermarkets and office supply stores.

I’ve urged countless friends to make this small change in their toilet-paper-buying habit and with stores in the Philippines like Office Warehouse, Rustan’s, and SM Supermarkets readily stocking core-less toilet-paper, my friends never had any problem agreeing with me and buying them instead.


You can even find them in Southeast Asia’s biggest online shopping mall: Lazada.

If you live outside of Asia, chances are your local supermarket carries them or you can easily have them delivered to your door with worldwide e-commerce sites such as Amazon (see useful links below). With so many ways to change our lifestyle to help the planet, going tube-free or core-less with our toilet paper is the easiest way to start.

So, Should I Use Core-less/Tube-Free?

Yes! Absolutely! Even if you agree with Sheryl Crow about using only one piece of toilet paper per bathroom use, there is no down-side to having less trash. An astonishing 17 billion tubes are thrown away each year. That’s 10 billion more tubes than there are humans. We are the wisest creatures on the planet and we need to do better to save our home.

There are many debates as to which is actually better for the Earth. Some people “recycle” toilet paper tubes and use it in their arts and crafts, but how many of us will really do this? You can also throw it in with the rest of your recycled trash, but wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have the core to add to the recycled trash to begin with?

This remarkable video from Scott toilet paper shows that the US population alone can save landfills from two Empire-State-buildings-worth of trash! #tossthetube

If you can’t find tube-free toilet paper in your local supermarket, there are great choices online. Here are my top three great toilet paper choices to help SAVE THE EARTH! Click on the pic to purchase today.

In 1890, Scott Paper Co. was actually the first company to introduce the cardboard roll into toilet paper. I know, I know, Scott is a big corporation whose intentions “must be evil”. But can we just give it a break and give this product a chance? Many people with sensitive skin are even on board with its proven softness. Scott has definitely taken the lead on going tube-free.

If you’re still not convinced, here’s another fun video from Scott:

Scott brand manager, Jared Mackrory, stated, “You just put it on the spindle like regular bath tissue. And when you get to that last sheet, it just rolls off. There’s no wasted cardboard tube left behind…We know the vast majority of American consumers want to be greener, but they are unwilling to pay extra for it, and they are unwilling to sacrifice quality for it.”

Toilet Paper Alternatives

In my opinion, core-less or tube-free is still the easiest way to go. But there are other ways to help save the Earth such as using sustainably manufactured toilet paper or re-usable wipes. If you still want the core for your art project or simply can’t live without it, here is a great alternative. “Aria toilet paper combines premium strength and quality with sustainable manufacturing.”

And a revolutionary re-usable wet wipes product that can be used for cleaning or for toilet duties is Wysi!

Whatever product you choose, taking action from using traditional toilet paper to going core-less/tube-free or using alternatives is a step in a positive direction. Whatever works for you, spread the word to your friends and family. Together, little by little, we can help save the Earth.

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